Galasso Ropeworks Inc 2015

We had a great year. We were able to get up and running and put a few jobs in the books. It is always difficult to start with a brand new company. Couple that with the fact that the company did not exist yet, and it is a daunting task to say the least.

With the support andtim 140 resources of an already excellent organization behind us, the rope access crew here at Galasso was able to focus on going out there and taking care of business. We were fortunate enough to do work on some very high profile sites as well. We did an extensive amount of work on 140 West St. and even snapped a few good photos while we were at it. We also got to do some work on Madison Square Garden and a few other significant addresses.

We were lucky to find some really great technicians and supervisors to join our team and they have been working wonders for us ever since. The quoted comments from one of our wtc2customers recently says it all.

“The gentlemen you sent Robin and Tim did a great job today. They were professional and efficient while onsite, not much more I can ask for. “

Our commitment to quality service and safety helps to elevate us (pardon the pun) to a respectable level in a very challenging industry and market. The Galasso name has always meant quality and reliability. Now that it is attached to Rope Access, we are finding a very welcome home here in New York City and an excellent reception from our customers.

Thanks to everyone who made 2015 a success for us. Let’s all keep up the good work.

Bryan Prekopa
Division Manager

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