Medical Equipment Logistics

Transporting high dollar-value medical equipment poses a unique set of challenges with weight and size combined with sensitivity to shock, vibration and corrosion. Medical equipment including X-ray machines, MRI devices, CT scanners and more represent a significant cost to the purchaser and require the right combination of know-how, experience and capability to transport.

The problems associated with transporting medical equipment can be frequently compounded by the costly time factor spent in having to recalibrate improperly transported equipment. Further issues may include lack of standard dock facilities and loading bays. As the practice of asset relocation becomes more popular, a piece of medical equipment can be moved several times during its operational life. Medical equipment is often purchased on a trial basis and may be returned, spending only a short time in a given location.

To properly address these challenges, it’s critical to contract the services of an experienced logistics firm who adheres to the strict guidelines regulating deliveries to medical facilities. Galasso’s experience in transporting and installing high-value equipment gives purchasing agents the assurances they require to meet their critical commitments to health service providers.

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