SPRAT Safe Practices and Outlines for Rope Access

Structural inspection croppedRope Access Work is one of the most challenging jobs in the fields of inspection, construction, and maintenance. To better meet and overcome these challenges, the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians has compiled a comprehensive list of Safe Practices covering work practices, planning, rope access equipment, tools, communication, and rescue and emergency procedures.  Designed to prepare rope access workers with the training they need to work effectively and efficiently, these guidelines ensure that workers are ready to respond to whatever challenges they may face on any given job site.

Using SPRAT guidelines, certified Rope Access Technicians develop a unique Rope Access Plan for each job including equipment evaluation, personnel duties, safety hazards and rescue planning.  Utilizing a SPRAT Rope Access Plan ensures rope access work is done smoothly, efficiently, and safely.

sprat logoAll of Galasso’s rope access workers are SPRAT certified, reflecting Galasso’s commitment to safe and effective workplace practices. Certified Rope Access Program Administrators train Galasso’s rope access techs to SPRAT standards to provide you with our safest and best work.


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