Top 10 Attributes of a Great Truck Driver

GalassoTruckeradGalasso has an immediate need for CDL Class A Drivers with experience driving 53-foot tractor trailers, vans or flat beds for full-time, over-the-road positions. That got us thinking about what separates the good drivers from the great drivers. We came up with this Top Ten List of Attributes we think all GREAT Truck Drivers should have.

  1. An Outstanding Driving Record – At Galasso, we only hire drivers with pristine backgrounds, and it shows! Just check out our on-time records and outstanding DOT Safety rating.
  2. Responsibility – CDL Drivers must be reliable since they are responsible for performing a variety of duties outside of driving and delivering freight, including managing customer paperwork, analyzing mechanical problems as they arise, helping workers load and unload trucks, monitoring road conditions, keeping trip logs, transporting hazardous materials (in some cases), and keeping their truck clean and in good working order.
  3. Endurance – Galasso’s average mileage run a week is 2,500-3,000 miles. You will be home weekly or bimonthly whichever works for you, but either way, you must be ready for the long haul!
  4. Attentiveness – Even though we offer predictable routes, our drivers must be able to remain alert and attentive for long periods.
  5. Independence – Drivers need to be good at working independently because they spend most of their time on the road alone. They need to decide for themselves when to take rest periods, and they need to have the wherewithal to make important judgement calls in an emergency.
  6. Level-headedness – Driving truck can be both mentally and physically taxing. The ability to keep a calm, cool head is essential. Moreover, a Galasso truck driver will often find himself delivering in the heart of New York City, our home base, where size restrictions, idling regulations and parking limitations are obvious challenges.
  7. Good Mechanical Skills – Generally knowing how your truck operates from the inside out helps keep you safe as well as others on the road safe, plus being able to handle common roadside mechanical repairs helps make sure you’re compliant with safety standards at all times.
  8. A Commercial Driver License (CDL) – This nearly goes without saying. Galasso requires a CDL to drive our trucks. That’s because hauling 53 foot tractor trailers, vans or flat beds requires a higher level of knowledge, experience, skills, and physical abilities than those required to drive a non-commercial vehicle.
  9. A Defensive and Courteous Driving Mentality – Galasso has maintained an excellent reputation for on-time delivery combining a high level of integrity with superior service for over 60 years. We drive safe, we drive smart and we drive nice.
  10. Timeliness – Because nothing has more importance in transportation than when the shipment will get there.

Applicants must have a minimum 3 years experience. Drivers must be familiar with logs. Think you have what it takes?  Click here to apply!

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