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Oversized Load Transportation

  • Over-dimensional/Overweight Loads
  • Certified Escort Service
  • Local/Long-Distance
  • HVP Trucking
Over dimensional and overweight cargo are handled with the same Galasso commitment to excellence our customers have come to expect. Load verification, route planning, permitting, specialized trailers and pilot car escorts ensure a safe transfer from the point of origin to the final destination; your site.
Transport begins with a geometrical route survey using CAD software that confirms the shipment will safely clear overpasses and navigate turns. This plan is submitted to the appropriate State and Local authorities and any required travel permits are issued. Transport vehicles are lead by certified escorts who are in constant radio contact with the drivers. Frequent enroute inspections and proper load securing techniques are conducted. Galasso safely and successfully delivers your cargo to its final destination.
Our staff of drivers and escorts take pride in providing their commitment to professionalism.
Vans w/ Liftgates
High Deck Flats (Standard & Extendable)
Single & Double Drop Decks
Multi Axle Trailers
Hydraulic Tilt-beds and Landholl® Trailers
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Oversized Load Trucking

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