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Tower Cranes - Luffing and Horizontal Cranes

Lift construction payloads expertly and safely with Galasso's Tower Cranes. We supply the finest quality Wolffkran Luffing and Horizontal Cranes. Our operators are rigorously trained by the International Union of Operating Engineers, and together with our expert project managers and professional engineers, they will assist in all phases of your project.

With unsurpassed versatility and fast-erecting design, our cranes are the ideal choice for all civil engineering, residential, and commercial projects. Wolffkran tower cranes are factory pre-mounted, reducing site prep work and allowing for easy on-site assembly. All of our cranes boast advanced driving behavior, allowing for pinpoint accuracy when positioning the load.

Other features include:

  • Compact construction
  • Hoisting gears with high motor output
  • Small minimum operating radius
  • Faster cycle times
  • Bolted connection with very few loose add-on parts
  • Single stroke climbing
  • High freestand
  • Slewing elements fit easily on standard trucks
  • Components are ready for transport without telescoping or special securing
  • Oversea transport aboard ship in containers.
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