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Warehousing & Distribution

Warehousing & Distribution

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No two warehousing challenges are alike
  • Safe, Secure, Climate Controlled Storage
  • Real-time Status Updates via Internet
  • Clean Room Availability
  • Inventory & Shipment Reports
  • Immediate Load Verification
  • GALIS Warehouse Tracking System
Galasso Warehouse facilities are equipped with advanced technology to provide our customers with a superior advantage in distribution, order fulfillment, and other related services. We have tools which enable you to do business over the internet making your supply chain more efficient. The physical resources of our facilities offer transloading of all products large or small, indoors and outdoors. With our proximity to New York City and our accessibility to rail and barge transportation, we can provide a totally integrated solution to fulfill all of your supply chain needs.
Galasso Warehouse takes ownership of your shipments and pride in offering dedicated, efficient teams to manage your merchandise.
  • High Value Product Handling
  • Kitting/BOM Services

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